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Buy Latisse Online

Generic Latisse
Product Details
Generic Name : Bimatoprost Brand Name : Careprost
Strength(s) : 0.03% 3ml Expiry : 2019
Average Delivery : 7 - 10 Days Our Price : $15.19 Per Bottle

Get Long Darker Beautiful Eyelashes Using Generic Latisse Online

Latisse is a product which is used for basically for thicker, darkener on your eyelashes. People having in low quantity eyelashes and lost their eyelashes due to some side effects of the medication they use generic Latisse. There is a number of many individuals who used this medicine for better eyelashes naturally. Usually, they use bimatoprost for increase eyelashes. Women are used generic latisse product they got better eyelashes naturally. The most woman selected it. This medicine is approved by the Food and Drug Administration. This medication comes under the restricted category. It is a safe generic drug. You can use generic latisse (bimatoprost) without any prescription but if you see any side effects consult the doctor.

A bimotoprost ophthalmic solution is used for good treatment as well as explained it eyelashes.The people are noticing this thing that what is the side effect of Bimatoprost ophthalmic solution as a result. People are using these things it is used an eyelashes growth medication and later it was proved by Food and Drug Administration. This drug is known as careprost 0.03% if you unable to find Latisse online. There are many online drug stores and dealers they can help you to get this medicine so you see online careprost 0.03% without the prescription online.



Bimatoprost ophthalmic solutions immediately take action mechanism of this medication is not known. It is believed in this regard that medication tissue and cell that impede or abstraction in the growth of eyelashes.


If you are thinking about increase the beauty of facial, you can believe about bimatoprost will be good and fine for you. Bimatoprost can make sure eyes look more beautiful however careprost 0.03% is easily buying Generic Latisse online. This is extremely useful for you. You can compare easily price careprost 0.03% in various online and you can select that one is offering. You can get the best price buy bimatoprost on freshmedstore.com that offer a discount to their customers.


You can use careprost one or two times in a day, one time you have to take before going to bed. This is the normal dose of this medication however or according to doctor you have to use the medication. The doctor will advise you then have used this medication, this will help you the proper amount and for the right time. So two times have to take this medication you need to use that application so as to apply this properly on the upper eyelid of both the eyes it will not spread to any part of your face. In case it happens makes sure that you wash your face with cold water pat dry. This medication is so difficult there are some things that you have to keep in minds when it comes to storing this medication. You need store careprost at a cool and dry place in normal room temperature. You have to make sun that you keep the medication away from heat, light and moisture things it is better to safe and it will be better and closely the bottle tightly ones you are done using it. It makes sure that you keep it protected from sunlight and from heat.


Please tell to doctor about this medication if you see any redness, allergies problems in eyes. You should take the limit of dosage. You should use this generic drug twice in a day at night before going to the bed.

Side effects

The side effects of Bimotoprost are not light but you have to be alert on your part. You have face certain effect of this medication then such as irritation in the eyes, vision of other vision issue and rashes on skin redness you have to be carefully while applying this medication on your eye lashes. You should use this generic drug with the applicator on your eye lashes. Hence make sun that you can apply the medication with the care and awareness about the Bimotoprost.

generic latisse 0.03% 3ml
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